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My Affiliate Program Overview:
I personally provide the members of my site, DiamondOnCam.com, with Photos, Videos, and Live Cam Shows.  I personally respond to all member e-mails and I do what is necessary to keep my members happy and returning to the site. When you as an affiliate refer a member to my site, we become long-term 50/50 partners for each and every member you refer. Should you be good at  generating traffic, either from your existing site or via your own individual efforts to my site, you will make significant payouts.

Questions & Answers regarding Payouts:

How much do I get paid?                          
you get paid 50% of all signups and rebills for the life of each member less CCBill's processing fees, refunds and chargebacks.

Who Pays Me?
you will get paid directly from CCBill, the most prominent affiliate program payment system.

When Do I Get Paid?
You will get paid WEEKLY, directly from CCBill.

Who processes the signups?
All signups are processed by CCBill.

Is there a minimum amount I have to generate to get paid?
No, but you must have at least $50 due in your account to you before a check is sent out by CCBill.

How are sign-ups tracked?
When you sign-up to the DiamondMoney Affiliate Program, you are sent a unique HTML code to use on a banner or direct link to my site,  DiamondOnCam.com. When a surfer clicks any of my banner displayed on your site, they are given a cookie that shows they came from your site. When that surfer joins my site, CCBill looks for that cookie and you are instantly credited with the sign-up/membership. This method requires you to do absolutely no programming.  You simply post the HTML code from my tools page. This cookie stays with the surfer for 30 days.  If he leaves and then returns later to join, you still get the sign-up assigned to your account and the associated payout.

Can I make money by referring other webmasters to DiamondMoney Affiliate?

Absolutely Yes! Using my webmaster referral program, if you get other webmasters to sign up with DiamondMoney, you'll receive 10% of what they make, including rebills. Visit our "Tools Section" to find out more.

Can I use photos from your member's area?
The photos you can use for promotional purposes are on this site in the "Tools Section".

Do I get paid for exit console sales and membership-area upsells?
Absolutely! When your surfer finds us through your links or banners, you will be credited with any purchase to my site.

How can I see how many sign-ups I'm getting?
CCBill provides real time statistics for our affiliate webmasters.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please contact me

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